All worckspaces in the same screen



Hii mates!
I have three workspaces with diferent people and I woul like to know how can I see it together in te left of the screen. Now I can see just one and I have to change the workspace if I want to see an other one. I think I saw it in some picture of some oficial tutorial.
Thanks much!


I manage about 20 workspaces so I feel you :sweat_smile:
This has been asked quite a lot (maybe @Marie can find the thread and merge it?). There is an external solution to do this, but I forgot the name… use the community search you might get lucky.


FYI our Treesana outliner for Asana shows all workspaces in one collapseable list in the left-hand pane. (Additionally its My Tasks view shows all of your tasks from all of your workspaces together, also something people have requested from Asana.)


Hi @marclucast; you might be interested in this integration: :slight_smile: