Viewing all assigned tasks across multiple workspaces

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I’ll throw my hat in here. Seeing a calendar of all my workspaces is very important to me, and I believe that is what many of us see as our future as the internet and technology provide a way for more flexible working environments.
Is there a way I can send all my calendars to Google or somewhere until this feature becomes a reality? I’m worried that they won’t update well, I’ve had problems with other apps being slow to sync.


Plus 1. I am currently reviewing Asana for adoption personally and ideally my companies/business partners. It looks great in most areas but this pretty major shortcoming in my view. I would imagine others who have multiple businesses like to keep each one seperate but require a global view of what they need to do each day, not to mention our personal life that needs to be weaved between them (or over them :-)) all.
early days but I can see a possible way or two around it, but it just adds more complexity.


It is quite easy integrate Asana with Google Calendar (or any other similar app), you can create an automaticaly synced calendar for any number of your projects, tags, My task lists from any workspaces and have them displayed in your Google calendar.

Unfortunately the calendars won’t sync in real-time, but otherwise it works quite well.

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I have used quite successfully a workaround to be able to have an overview of task from other workspaces in one place. As @James_Carl mentioned you can copy link to project from one workspace to an other. You can do that also with tasks and those links show a check mark if the linked task is done, so if you include a list of links to task from another workspace in a comment or task description, you can quickly check what needs to be done without leaving your current workspace.

There are many possibilities how to use this feature, I have one main workspace where I have all my personal projects and where I keep track of projects going on in other workspaces. To do that i adopted the following workflow:

  1. For each project I want to track in my personal overview workspace I create a recurring task. In the description of the task I keep a link to the project in the other workspace to easily access the project itself.

  2. At a regular basis, for example once per week. I go to the project, select the tasks that I want to do that week and hit ctrl+c to copy them. I go back to my overview workspace and paste them into a comment to the recurring task. (I’m pasting the list into comments so that the list is not carried over to the next instance of the recurring task.)

  3. The recurring task works as a placeholder for the project from the other workspace. I change its due date to the earliest due date of the linked tasks and use it to plan my work as usual within the My Task view.

  4. When a task in the original project in the other workspace is done, a little check mark appears in front of the link to the task.

  5. If something changes - for example new tasks are added and assigned to me in the original project, I just add another comment and I keep the most up-to-date comments pinned to the top to avoid confusion.

  6. When all linked task are done and I’m done with that project for the time being, I mark it completed. As it is a recurring task a new instance is created - the link to the original project is preserved in the task description and I can start over again when the time comes. Links that were in comments are not carried over, so there is no clutter.


I would gladly pay $10/mo personally, outside of all the organizations I use Asana with, to have this. It’s so hard to see any sort of Birdseye view for people who work across multiple orgs, which is a lot of people.


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Yes, Please make this happen! :slight_smile:


The lack of reasonable real-time is a deal breaker for me.

This missing feature kills asana usability


How is this not a thing yet? This basically seems like the premise of Asana, and yet how the deuce do I move work forward if I have to look at 5 different workspaces to see what tasks I actually have due for any given area of work I do.

As someone who works in non-profit and serves on several boards of directors, I’m eager to get work moving forward with my colleagues and within my own home, but this is such a stumbling place that makes it all more complicated and prone to unproductivity and delay.

What’s the point of not working on getting this feature up and running?


Just want to remind everyone to vote at the top on this topic!

There are TONS more comments about wanting this than there are votes registered.


I’m a freelance developer who manages my own client base, but I’m also an invited member on multiple company’s internal teams.

As much as I love the platform for managing my own projects, it’s difficult to prioritize tasks when I can’t see a 10,000ft view of everything and compare my own due dates against my other teams’.


This is definitely a pretty useful and important requirement.

How else would be the My Tasks list and calendar be complete since it is only showing me some of them ( from current workspace )? Where do I get to see every due date I have personally. I can’t manage my work, it feels like a basic need to be efficient and sane in the midst of all these tasks, projects and workspaces.


Yes! I’m working to shift from omnifocus to asana in order to improve team integration/delegation. It would be a major improvement if My Tasks could show tasks from all my Workspaces without having to toggle back and forth. In addition, when a user sorts tasks by tag (using them as “context” for instance, in GTD parlance), we should be able to see all the tasks tagged as such, not just the ones in that work space.

If I’ve got 20 minutes to return phone calls in, it doesn’t matter to me which “workspace” a call is associated with. And if I’m out running errands, it doesn’t matter to me which “workspace” the errand task supports. I just want to get things done.

In my opinion the lack of these features makes it much less effective than omnifocus for individual task and project management. I’m on the fence whether the team/communication/delegation capacity is enough to compensate for this lack.


Reading through the forum I shared the exact same frustration. It was a bit of an Asana dealbreaker for me but I believe I have found a solution
I contacted a friend who is the kind of guy who would have an answer. Lo and behold he put me onto TacoApp.

I sent them an email letting them know that The Asana community needs to know about them as they have created a brilliant workaround

you can view and manage all tasks across all workspaces, filter, update, and organise. it takes a couple of minutes to set up and is essentially a dashboard / tasklist that syncs with Asana KAPOW (hope this is useful)


Taco users, question for you. I tried it awhile back and found it glitchy. Is it better now? I’m working across 3 workspaces.


Hey man, fancy running into you on this thread! I found this thread via a Google search. I, too, would like this feature… Hope you are well.

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Hi guys !

i was evaluating asana as a trello replacement. I love asana but the fact that you have to switch beetween each workspace to know what task you have to do is just counter productive imo.

my task button on the left top should have a toogle button in order to modify the scope beetween

  • current workspace or organisation
  • all workspace and organisation

For the moment i agree with the previous comment, this is a deal breaker for me needs. But again your tool is very good i will check again asana in 6 month to see if the problem has evolved.



Here is a Chrome extension, Asana Global Task View, that will show all your tasks across workspaces.