Overall level My Tasks - tasks from all organizations and workspaces in one view

Hi all,
Our organization is working with Asana for half a year now and some of our business partners are adopting Asana too. Which is great, however this poses the challenge of working with multiple ‘My Tasks’ lists through various organizations I am part of.

As our main objective of using Asana is creating central truth in our organization (in other words: an overview of all tasks in on place), switching organizations might end up in forgetting tasks in other organizations/workspaces.

We are a diversified group of companies with many interdependencies, so to expand the use of Asana further we need a solution to this problem.

My suggestion would be to create a consolidated ‘My Tasks’ feature, which would be shown between ‘Homepage’ and ‘My Tasks’ in the main menu of the app. This feature should be organization wide but optional and switched on or off through Asana admin environment. Finally, within ‘My Tasks (Consolidated)’ there should be a column depicting from which organization the task origins.

By adding this feature Asana will be the ultimate work manager and this USP will beat for example MS Teams which faces a similar challenge.

Looking forward to your feedback. Cheers, Sidney

Ps. We created a work around to solve this issue: This works on small scale, we created an additional organization level and sub companies are added as a team. However we are reaching the limits of this approach ourselves as these sub companies have multiple teams and this fueled the need to split organizations.

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