I'm a freelance and want to copy tasks given to me by an organization to see those tasks along with my own tasks

I started using Asana for the first time by joining the organization of an ongoing client I have a retainer with. I’m enjoying using it, so now I want to put tasks in Asana myself from other clients/projects. I want to be able to see all my tasks at once, from both the existing organization that assigns me tasks, and the tasks I put in myself for other clients. I don’t want the existing organization to be able to see the other tasks I assign myself to do for other clients. Is this possible? How do I do it?

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Hi @Ethan_Parker_Graphic and welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately Asana doesn’t currently support seeing tasks across multiple organizations or workspaces. It’s a very popular request, and in fact you can see a discussion about it, and vote for it, here:


Hi @Ethan_Parker_Graphic :wave:t3:

This integration allows you to see all tasks from different Organization in one place, I thought you might find it useful until our team comes up with a better solution!

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