Working with clients in Asana (two workspaces)

I have a consulting business that uses Asana with several apps to track projects and time. One of my retainer clients is starting to use Asana and setting up their own Workspace. They want to be able to easily assign me tasks and see my progress within the flow of their other projects. However I need to manage their requests alongside all of my other clients.

Is there a way for us to easily see tasks assigned to us across the different Organizations/Workspaces in one view, or do I always need to switch to their account to see what they’ve asked me to work on? We are both on separate paid plans for our organizations, but want to collaborate more seamlessly.

Welcome, @Traci_Larson,

If you search the Forum you’ll find similar requests, and one in Product Feedback which you can vote on, because this is a popular request.

You’ll need to work in their Asana org, or they in your Asana org, or use a third-part app like Unito or a custom solution with or to keep the two in sync.



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Thank you for your response, Larry!

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