Mirror a Clients Project/Workspace Into My Workspace

I am an independent contractor and have multiple clients/projects. Typically I create a project for each client and only I have access to it (i.e. client does not).

However, one of my clients also has an Asana account and added me as a collaborator to their workspace/project. I can access their workspace by clicking my image in top right and it takes me to them… however I want to see if there is a way to integrate their project/workspace into my workspace.

Ideally I could see it as one of my projects in the black bar on the left side…and I could also have it integrate in with all of my overall tasks for all of my projects so I can plan out my tasks for a specific day that encompasses all of my projects (rather than having to hop to theirs to see my tasks in their workspace, then back to mine to see everything else and try to prioritize) .

I want it to update in realtime (i.e. if they click something as done or change a timeline in their project, it will sync to my version of the project in my Asana). I know I can “import” their project, but I am not sure if they will still be linked and will update to both workspaces.

Thank you!

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