New Workspace vs New Project for adding a friend to collaborate with?

Just a quick question or discussion for you guys. Been using Asana for a few years now. First, for a company I worked for with many team members, and now for myself to organize everything from my daily life, to my own business, to clients, you name it. Currently, I’m the only member on my Asana Workspace and I have around 20 or so Projects which are all personal and listed as Private only to me. Also, I am using the free plan for now if that changes anything.

My question is that I have a friend and we want to collaborate on a few new projects. Obviously, I think we should have an Asana project together or a new workspace. I figured to make a new Workspace and start from scratch and just add the two of us. Simple, clean, and doesn’t interfere with my other work. The only issue is you need to switch between workspaces back and forth which is a bit annoying and doesn’t let me show everything on one instance.

It would probably be a lot easier to just add a new project to my private workspace and add them to that. How does that work? Would I need to make my 20 projects private and then make one public and add them as a team member? I saw the option to add someone to a private project but then I would need to upgrade.

My main issue is I basically don’t want them to somehow have access to my entire life on asana.

How would you guys go about this?


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I was about to mention Private project and realized the free version of Asana might not have this feature indeed. What you can try is invite yourself on a project, as a guest, with another address of yours, just to see what you gain access to.

@ambforumleader anyone uses the free version and has a solution?


You can set the projects Private (there’s a padlock icon) to indicate that only you can see the tasks inside the projects.

What you can’t do is to limit who can see the projects once it is public, that means, everyone in the workspace have access to them.


Thanks, guys. Yeah, I noticed I could just keep everything private and just make one or two public, but ultimately I just created a new workspace for my friend and me. I just have far too many personal items on my personal Asana to risk adding new team members even though I know it’s safe and would most likely be fine. It’s just easier this way. Thanks!


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