Sharing projects with a client that has Asana - does it have to open in a new account?

Pretty clear question, but to confirm, our client shared projects with us, but they open in a new account (their account) rather than in our Asana in some kind of shared project area. Is this normal? how do we get around it? Can we put shared projects in a special portfolio? and finally are there any best practices online here somewhere for sharing Asana with other Asan users? Thanks so much!!!

Hi @James_Bremner , yes this is normal, expected behaviour.

When you click on your avatar in the top right corner, you will see their Asana workspace/organisation appear in the list of instances/spaces that you are a member of. This is where you are able to quickly switch between spaces.

Note that in their space you will have a separate Inbox & My Tasks and you will also need to fill out your name, role and profile photo since it is treated as a separate profile.

I would also recommend to leave email notifications turned on for this space in case you forget to regularly check your Inbox for that space.

There is no other workaround or common shared project area I’m afraid - the best practice is to try to beat them to it and propose to setup the project in your space instead of theirs! :sweat_smile:

Thanks Richard. That’s crazy, because as an Agency, we could have multiple clients with Asana. Oh well, we’ll have to deal with it. Thanks so much for the very swift and comprehensive reply!

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Yeah, unfortunately this is the way :person_shrugging:
Some of us already have a very very long list of Asana instances… but it also works as a quick list of your clients I suppose!

But I believe it an issue that the Asana team will have to look at seriously in the future to facilitate collaboration between companies/agencies that will ALL be eventually using Asana one day :wink:

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