Sharing a project with non-Asana people within our organization


My department has a Business Level account with Asana that provides us space for 15 members. Right now we have 14 spots taken and are saving the last one for a team member that will be hired fairly soon into our department. That said, we have a particular project that we would like to share with several individuals in other departments within our organization that do not have Asana accounts. They do not even need to be able to edit the actual project, mainly to view it. Is it possible to share an Asana project with someone within our organization without adding them to our Business Level account and taking that last spot that comes with our membership level? We would like to share this particular project with about 5-6 people and maintain that last spot within our Business Level account for the future hire. Thank you for any help!


As long as they join specifying an email address that does not match your organization’s domain (e.g., if they use an email address ending in or something else) they will not take up your last seat. Any number are permitted this way for a paid account like yours .



Hi @JeanPierre_LeGuillou, thanks for writing in! Adding to what @lpb mentioned, you can also find more information in this article.

I hope this helps!


Thank you both, @lpb and @Emily_Roman!