Sharing all my projects

I learned how to share/provide access to any one specific project. However, is there a way to provide access to all projects in my account versus having to do so one-by-one for an individual? Thank you.

Gary Held

Yep! If you invite them to be a member of the organization, they’ll have access to all public projects in the organization. For info on how to invite them, see:

For more information on organization members and what they can do, see:


Hi Phil- The links you sent me were extremely helpful. Thank you! One more question. I created a new work space. Is it possible to move projects from one work space to another?

Boulder, CO

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There isn’t a way within Asana itself. However there is a 3rd party tool that you can find at which will move projects between workspaces/organizations. I haven’t used it myself but I know many people have!

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Thanks, Phil!!