Apologies if I’ve not put this into the right place and please tell me if that is the case.
I’m going to use asana in a fairly simple way to help my family run its life. It seems the older I get the more complicated it becomes and tasks are easily forgotten!
The family want to set up and share workspaces.
Currently my wife has one and so do I. Let’s call them HisWorkspace and HerWorkspace. We think we’ve done the right thing and each of us has received an email inviting us to the others workspace. I was then expecting to see His and Her workspace in the side bar, one under each other showing the projects/tasks of both of them. This does not appear to be the case. It only shows one. I can see the other by clicking on my account in the top right hand corner and selecting the other. This is a pain as I want to readily jump between the 2. Besides just having one workspace can I get around this?

Hey @Dave17, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

What you are looking to set up, the way you describe you would like to have it, is a team not a workspace.

For more infos have a look here: Team vs Workspace - #2 by Sebastien_Levesque


OK new to this so no idea. It seems when I invite my wife it’s into my workspace and vice versa.
We both want to be able to set up small projects and small stand alone tasks. Most will be shared and some just private to each of us.
I thought what we had done would allow this. I actually included her as part of the team for a project where I save tasks. She can see it and do things with it but we have to go through the rigmarole of what I have described above. I’ll take at look at what you suggest

Yeah exactly since you have set up separate workspaces you would always have to switch on the top right to the other workspace.

Working with teams and projects within the team should work much better for you based on what you described.

You can also restrict teams and projects the way you prefer and enable/disable notifications for each project/team.


OK I’ll have to look at it tomorrow. Time for bed in my time zone!

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