Linking 2 workspaces - is it possible?

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We have 2 workspaces - One for internal use and one for our client - Is it possible toe link tasks and project from one to the other?

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Hi @Ilse_Smith welcome to the community. It’s been a while since I plaid with workspaces, but here is some help guides that might help.

You can definitely do what you are after with organisations and teams. Have a look at these articles.

Hope these help.


Hi @Ilse_Smith and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:

Are you simply looking to link some tasks of these two WS while still keeping them independant?

Hi Marie,

Yes that is exactly what I want

Thank you

I’m afraid, it is not currently possible to link or multihome tasks across two different workspaces. The best way to achieve this would be to move from your 2 Workspace and transition to an Organization with 2 separate Teams. You can keep these Teams private to their members to preserve the privacy of your current set up, but this will allow you to multihome some tasks and to better work cross-functionally :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for the feedback

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I’m interested in this workaround. I’m currently part of a Workspace (Workspace A) where I need to synchronize parts of a Project (Project 1) to another Project (Project 2).

How am I able to create a Private team on Project 2?

Also, duplicating the Task in Project 1 to Project 2 - LINKS - the two tasks. Any changes I do in Project 2 is reflected in Project 1. I understand this has advantages. But I am in need of another solution. Is there any easier way to duplicate the Task and make the new Task in Project 2 independent of Project 1 - such that Tasks in Project 2 are only accessible by the team I create there.

I hope my inquiry is clear.


Hi @Bryan_Dumaguina are both your project in the same Team?

Okay I’ve also been reading on teams in the Asana Guide - but I think I’m reading the wrong article?

I don’t see any of these things on my Asana page. Is it a Premium Feature?

What I’ve gathered so far is that I can invite a User 1 to a Workspace 1 (and he can see all Projects under Workspace 1). But I can also invite a User 2 to just a Project 1 and only to Project 1 (this is a Premium Feature correct?).

When you say “same Team”, are you referring to a User I invite into a Workspace or into a Project?


I think the issue is that you’re in a Workspace (there’s no Team level in a Workspace) and the solution lies in you being in an Organization (Teams exist only in Organizations). See Asana FAQs and common questions | Product Guide • Asana for more info.

If you need to convert, see Asana FAQs and common questions | Product Guide • Asana.

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Thank you for this clarification. I will look into this.


Thanks for jumping in @lpb :slight_smile:

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