Is it possible to move tasks between workspaces?

My organization has two workspaces for different departments. I work in both, and often need to move tasks around. I’ve seen “Organize Asana Projects” But that moves entire projects. I just need individual tasks. And I need to do this easily and often.

Copying or linking would be fine as well.

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Hi @Brian_Postow :wave: That’s a great question, and I’m happy to help on this.

It is not possible to move tasks between workspaces, and we typically recommend teams and departments from the same company to use Teams in Organizations rather than separate Workspaces. You can move tasks between projects in different teams within the same Organization, and you can also add tasks to multiple projects within the same organization. You can see more information about the difference between Workspaces and Organizations here.

Additionally, there are lots of different ideas from community members on a similar thread about moving projects between workspaces here: Is it Possible to Move Projects Between Workspaces? and the third-party app Kothar will allow you to copy projects and tasks from one Asana workspace to another.

Yeah, I already saw Kothar… The problem is that the two groups started their own workspaces separately, and have already built up their own ecosystems. So creating a THIRD workspace and getting everyone to move to it (or getting everyone in one to move into the other) is going to require a lot of work.

So, there’s no workaround for situations where multiple workspaces is already a fait accompli?

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Hi @Brian_Postow. What about converting one of your Workspace into an Organization ( and use two Teams instead of two Workspaces? It would be a lot easier for you to move tasks around!

Wait. Maybe I have two organizations. The two different parts have different email domains. I switch by clicking the name next to my icon in the upper right of my screen. The options are the two domains and “personal projects”.

Is that organizations or workspaces?

Yes, it sounds like you’re using two different Organizations! Feel free to reach out to our support team ( and we will be able to double check this for you. We will also be able to advise you on how to merge these two organizations!

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I assume that it’s even LESS likely for us to be able to move tasks between organizations?

Hey @Brian_Postow You can move tasks between Organisations using Kothar as mentioned by Katie above, but if you have the option to merge your Organisations, it would be a lot easier for you to manage your work on a daily basis!

Kothar appears to only move projects. Not tasks.

But thanks. I’ll talk to the people in charge of the relevant organizations to see if merging is a possibility…

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Workaround :
Maybe you can create a “transport” project. Move the tasks you need into that project, then move the project, and move the task into its destination.


Hi All,

I have a couple of different clients on various workspaces / organisations (not really sure which) and setup a new client but they have decided not to use Asana.

Can I transfer the project and tasks that I created back to my main account?

Yes you can do so following these steps @John_MacPherson . I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main Is it possible to move tasks between workspaces? thread, hope that’s ok! :slight_smile:

@Kaitie I have a question around this topic as well.

I have a workspace linked to my organisation and heavily relying on asana to organise my life :slight_smile: So I have lots of tasks in my My Tasks

however I am leaving Het Adviesbureau and will continue to use asana from a personal workspace. If I remove myself from the organisation, I suppose I cannot access my tasks I have created linked to the Hetadviesbureau workspace? What to do, manually copy and paste all my tasks in my personal workspace :scream::scream:

Hi @Bart_Bongers and welcome to the Forum!

I would recommend adding a personal email address to your account following these steps. This way, when leaving the company and once you get deprovisioned from the Organization, you will still be able to access your private Workspace :slight_smile: For more details, have a look at this handy article from our guide!

Happy Friday!

Most all of the questions here can be done in the new Sendana Add because it allows you to move tasks only not whole projects. It of course does both and is loaded with options. It is limited to one level of subtasks currently but you will see lots of potential applications.

Hello @James_Carl . Does this new app copy tasks from different workspaces?
I have ended up in this web, called Sendana, I think is the same what you were talking about:

However I see nothing about moving/duplicating tasks to other workspaces

Hello @Kaitie could you please explain how do you move/duplicate tasks from one Workspace to another? Cause I have used app Kothar, and you can only move projects.

Yes it does. It is at Thanks

Thaks so much!

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