New Asana Account

Hi everyone.

I am setting up my own company and would like to set up a new Asana account. I would like to know best way to do this and to transfer all my work from the old account into the new one.



Hi @Tony_Rapacioli
Are you referring to a new workspace creation?

Hi Sebastien. no, I’m will need to buy a new licence altogether in a new company name.

Hi @Tony_Rapacioli,
I’m not sure if this will answer fully your need, but the only way of maving tasks from a workspace to another (or from and organization to another workspace) (I never tried between 2 organizations, but I can’t see any differences here) is to use the Kathar tool.
Refer to this post Is it possible to move tasks between workspaces?


Hey @Tony_Rapacioli, as we haven’t heard back from you on this thread in a few days I have now gone ahead and marked @Sebastien_Levesque answer as the solution to your question!

Please feel free to get back in touch with us if you need further help, have a great Tuesday :smile:

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