Can you move a project from one workspace to another?

I’ve been keeping everything I use Asana for (work and personal) in one workspace. I’d like to move the personal stuff to its own workspace, but I don’t see a way to do this. You can copy the tasks, but you lose due dates, which I do not want to manually update one by one.



Hi Jared,

Good to connect with you. Have you checked out this thread? Moving Projects Between Workspaces/Organizations

Let us know how you get on and your experience on one of these threads. :slight_smile:


Following up - this worked amazingly well except for one thing – tasks with a reoccurring due date did not copy over. Not that big of a deal considering it moved everything else for me.


Did your comments and completed tasks move over as well?

Oh man, it was years ago now, so I don’t recall exactly. This is the site I used, maybe they have more info:


Instead, of the older app, use the newer one: It’s in beta but, according to its author, this is best one to use. Recommended.


3 Likes doesn’t seem to work. Nothing happens after hitting the “browse workspace” buttons.

@Joe_Maristela_III_Ma, See immediately above:


Thank you! It is a life saver for me now. This tool works like a charm. :slight_smile: Saved me a lot of work and also includes more information than the way via CSV export/import.


The tool has been offline for sometime now. Any other FREE alternatives?

You must still be accessing the older version. See above:

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