Need to copy project(s) between workspaces? Use Ditto

The best way to copy a project or set of projects between workspaces (or even within a workspace) is to use the third-party app Ditto developed and supported by Forum member @Kothar:

Be sure to read the detailed documentation at the Ditto website to learn exactly how your copy will be handled with respect to what is copied and what happens in specific cases, say regarding members or custom fields in one workspace but not another.

Asana offers Duplicate Project and export/import, but these only work one project at a time and are not nearly as flexible or complete as Ditto. Asana Support regularly recommends the use of Ditto.

Many of us are so appreciative of this great app that we have upgraded to Pro to support Ditto’s development (it’s a total bargain, low one-time fee).

Happy duplicating,


PS No financial interest; just a happy, long-term customer.


@Lbp I have used it, with success. I like how you use your platform to promote others.


Just stumbled across this - thanks @lpb and @Kothar for making this possible. Looks like it will be tremendously helpful. We work with a partner how is discontinuing their Asana account that we have been using for past and future work, and I was dreading the export/import into our account we would have had to do. I’ll try this in ditto now!

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