Projects are not being imported correctly using the CSV technique

I can’t transfer exact Projects in to a new Asana account because the CSV does not capture the correct organizational Parent Task structure. I tried using Ditto but the Analyze Destination Workspace bar never loaded. Help!

Welcome, @Katie_Bryan,

You may want to contact Asana Support with details of your CSV, since parent/subtasks are intended to be supported.

But Ditto is generally a more complete solution for transferring projects.

Hey @Kothar, creator of Ditto–just pinging you re this issue.



Thanks @lpb, @Katie_Bryan,

Sorry both for not responding sooner - I will take a look at what might be the issue Katie is seeing.

If you’re still having issues and want me to work with you on getting Ditto working for you, please send me a DM and I’ll see what I can do.

Best regards,

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Hi Mike,

I had an intern working on this assignment and she unfortunately has left. But the problem seems to be that we have an Asana “workspace” and when we upgraded asana the workspace wasn’t included.

We converted all our projects over via CSV but they didn’t format right.

Ditto converted one project over perfect for us (Reports and Publications) but our other two complicated projects COM Sends and CRM 2.0 would not work.

Would love any help you can give. And Happy Holidays!