Creating duplicate records in Asana importing data from CSV file


Trying to exp a project from 1 work space and import on anothet workspace and its causing below issues.

  1. Duplicates tasks.
  2. Incompletes completed tasks.
  3. Didnt copy old comments

You can try to use instead

CSV export import doesn’t contain comments. Not sure what you mean with 1 and 2…

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Hi @anon2656139

  1. It should only duplicate if the CSV has a duplicate in there.
  2. Yes the incomplete tasks do not pull across incomplete
  3. It doesn’t pull across comments however you can have them copy to the task description.

I have heard ditto as Bastien suggested can work but it can be tempremental.

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The mentioned app is the best way to copy projects between workspaces, and used/recommended by Asana itself.

@Danielle-GenD, in your (3) are you referring to Ditto? It creates comments as comments, not in the task description (but cannot appear to be another user so the actual creator of the comment and date appears within each comment. And I’ve not experienced Ditto ever being tempermental in many years. It documents all the caveats very clearly too. Anything specific you’re referring to?



For the last couple of weeks I heard different people tell me ditto was unreliable…


Hi, in my three - I have had comments on an exported CSV come through in the task description.

I was not referring to ditto - but ditto has been bugging out alot recently and i have had to stop using it. It has alot of custom field errors and has been failing alot.

I wasn’t aware and hadn’t use Ditto in the few weeks but last time it worked fine for me, as always.

@Kothar Michael, I’m not sure whether anyone has reported having problems to you, so I’m pinging you here and I’ll also email; thanks!


I did discuss with Michael about this recently :slight_smile:

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