Importing CSV file - How to find and filter duplicate tasks.

I receive a CSV file from a vendor.

They update the csv file.

How do I find the find, filter and delete the duplicate tasks?

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There are several tools online to be able to compare 2 CSV files and find the differences or duplicates.

Or you can use the show duplicates feature in Excel or Google Sheets

Does that help?

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I’ve already imported the original CSV file.

I’m not really comparing 2 csv files, I am comparing 1 tasks file already in Asana and 1 csv file.

My fear is that I am going to have to sort through hundreds of tasks for duplicates.

PS - Thank you for the quick reply.

Ah okay hm that makes it a bit more difficult as you would need to know really what they changed. If task titles only, or description or kind of a bit of everything.

I mean if you have also already made changes to the tasks you imported via CSV then you could export the tasks from the project via CSV and then compare.

If you imported the original CSV to one project only and did not make any changes to it yet then probably best to achieve that project and import the new one.

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Yup - changes already made to the original. This is a weird problem for us.


Yeah ok that is a bit tricky then. I guess you have to find out what will be the least time consuming for you in order to have the most up to date task.

Probably as a first step still comparing how many changes they actually made to the file

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