Importing csv to same projects

Hi is it possible to have the csv imported inside same project to see staus changes from when I did last time?


If you do so, that would reimport everything and create duplicates. What do you expect exactly? A smart replacement/update mechanism?

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Yes,A smart replacement/update mechanism

I don’t believe that’s possible, but @Jerod_Hillard is the CSV master :slight_smile:

@Bastien_Siebman is correct in that you can’t update existing task via CSV Import. Matter of fact, this is the case with Sections also. If you import a 2nd set of data (new tasks) but reference existing Sections, then the result will involve duplicate Sections and you would have to manually move tasks and purge the duplicate.

Thanks Jerold-Any other tool other than Asana integration?To this?

Not that I know of @Dheemant_Palan. However, perhaps in the future Asana enhances this feature to allow for supplemental imports to existing data.

Thanks Jerold, even with duplicates hw can I have multiple csv imported to same project?

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