CSV Import to existing Sections

In addition to the #productfeedback that is mentioned here:

I think it would be very helpful to be able to import data directly into existing Sections. Currently, tasks can only be mapped to Sections if the Sections are created within the same import file. If a task was imported within a Section that already exists, a duplicate Section is created upon the completion of the import. Much like mapping to existing Organization’s Custom Fields, it would be great if existing Sections were also acknowledged through the CSV import process.

One specific and widespread use case in our business is to stack tasks within Sections. Not having to relocate all tasks that get created under a duplicate Section would certainly make the import a much more seamless process.

Hi @Jerod_Hillard :wave: Thank you for sharing your feedback with us and for and explaining how this functionality would improve your workflow. I’m escalating your feedback to our Product Team and I’ll make sure to keep you posted in the Forum as soon as I have an update!

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Is there any way to use a CSV to update existing tasks?

Not at the moment @Cristian_Weiser but I would encourage you to add your vote on the existing thread we have on this topic: Import to update existing tasks

Have a nice day Cristian and welcome to the Forum! :smiley:

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Can you offer the thread @Natalia?

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Thank you @Jerod_Hillard :smiley:

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