CSV Import to existing Sections

Very interested in this feature too! Otherwise, the CVS Importer is useless for my team.


There needs to be a Section ID and a Task ID, and frankly a subtask ID that are all exportable. And then any NEW item you upload without an existing ID would generate a new section, or task, or subtask. Any EXISTING item you upload with an existing ID would update existing sections, tasks or subtasks.
This is pretty basic stuff Asana.

Upvoting because, well, it’s stupid that you can’t do this.

any update on this ?

Upvoting as well. Hoping there is an update soon as the team is unlikely to adapt this new process if they are not able to upload tasks into the appropriate section…

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Hi Asana team, I am also looking forward to see this feature implemented. I saw the previous threads and this has been requested since Oct’19. I checked today and sections are still duplicating when importing tasks into and existing projects even if the existing section has the same name in the csv file.


I believe this feature will ease a lot of pain for setting up initial Sprint plans in Asana , Please help us by including this feature

Any updates on this?

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Yeah, I am also looking forward to having this feature

So, are we going to be able to import tasks into an existing section? It seems like a basic functionality. If you CAN Import into Existing Projects, why wouldn’t you logically also be able to assign the appropriate Section to the Imported Tasks?

Example: You have a Template Project with Specific Sections. You use the Import Function to bring in Tasks. Obviously they have their place in the Existing Project Template. Now you have a bulk of Tasks with No Section and you have to Manually Drag them around…

Why is this a struggle and not something that obviously was an oversight that needs to be addressed to improve the Experience of your Paid Users?


Bumping to the top of the thread again, as this came up for us as a need this morning. Has this been mapped in the product roadmap updates?