Completed tasks when importing a csv-file into asana

Please help with this issue. What format and structure should the csv-file have so that when it is imported into Asana, the tasks will be marked as completed?


I am not sure this is possible with the CSV importer. @LEGGO any idea?

According to my understanding importing from csv will not update the current tasks but will create new ones.

see this thread:

Hello @Marina_Moskaleva ,

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As of today you cannot import tasks as completed or match them to existing completed tasks. You can upvote the thread that Paul shared, the more votes, the more likely it is that the feature request will be prioritized.

May I ask you what your specific workflow, in this case, is and why do you need to import completed tasks? Maybe there is another way to achieve this efficiently.

Are you already aware of bulk actions? You can complete up to 50 tasks simultaneously with just a click.