When importing tasks from a CSV, how to mark completed tasks as such?


Hello, I cannot find a way to mark imported tasks as completed in Asana when there is a “Completed” colum in my CSV. When the import is done, I have to edit task by task to mark them as completed. There must be another way? Thanks.


Try to do a CSV export and look at how it is done, and do the same the other way around :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks, I can find the “Completed at” column in the CSV export, but when I import from a CSV I do not have a completed at date, just a status, does that means I have to force a completed at date when importing? In other words, a completed task in Asana is completed when the Completed at field is not blank?


Hi @Patrick_EMIN! Unfortunately, as it stands, it is not possible to import new “Completed” tasks, you have to manually mark them completed in Asana once you have imported them. I’d recommend using the multi-select feature to mark them completed in batches.


Yes but multi select is not available in table project is it? https://asana.com/fr/guide/help/faq/multiselect


Multi-select in Boards is now available (Asana Release Notes, August 2018) but at the moment it only allows you to move batch of tasks from one column to another; so you would still have to mark tasks complete individually. Apologies for the inconvenience @Patrick_EMIN!


I found a workaround on the forum, creating a report and multi selecting in a report, then marking these tasks as done, that works but does not allow me to recover a completed date from my CSV to Asana.