Asana Release Notes, August 2018


Hi folks!

Please find below Asana’s most recent release notes:

  • Drag multiple tasks on Boards view: Press command and select multiple tasks on your board to drag them across columns.
  • Timeline task names: Task names now follow you as you scroll horizontally in Timeline, so it’s clear what tasks you are looking at as you navigate.
  • Blocked task indicator: Tasks that are dependent on another task will now show a visual indicator in your projects and My Tasks so you can quickly see what can get started and what’s blocked.
  • Advanced search by Board column: Use advanced search to find tasks in specific columns of your Boards projects.
  • Improvements to CSV importer: You can now add custom fields and subtasks from the CSV importer, so you can quickly set up your project with all the information you need. Learn more.
  • Start dates on recurring tasks: Start dates now get automatically generated on recurring tasks if the original task specified a start date.
  • Comment-only version of Project Member Dialogue: If you are comment only on a project, you will now see a project member’s dialog that shows who has edit access to the project and gives you the abilitiy to adjust your notification preferences.
  • Notification center copy changes: We’ve made it easier to find and understand your notification settings, so you can customize how you receive information in Asana.
  • Photo markup on iOS: With markup you can draw, doodle, or place text on any photo before you add it to Asana. Try the Asana iOS app.
  • Rich text support on iOS: Quickly create bulleted and numbered lists with indentations from within the mobile app.
  • Improved task edit on iOS: Tap to edit different sections of the task details to streamline how you update tasks.

You can find these as well as previous release notes following this handy link.

Happy Thursday all!

When importing tasks from a CSV, how to mark completed tasks as such?

You guys have been working hard :muscle:


I think that I need this bullet list with a like option on each new feature to have a champion feature :medal_sports: for every release :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome updates!! :heart_eyes:


Ooh, dragging multiple tasks in Board view is a winner! Now if we could also multi-select and change custom field values in Board view, I’d be tempted away from using List all the time. :crossed_fingers:


We just got one step closer from that @Mark_Hudson :slight_smile:



Photo markup on iOS ist a big help! thanks


Thank you!! I love the drag multiple tasks on a board


Marie, this is great and was actually a suggested fix due to the fact Tasks couldn’t be set based off a relative fixed project date. The idea was that you could create a template with the tasks laid out on the timeline, select them all, and all the tasks dates would change respectively. This is a great temporary fix, however it is locked to just 50 tasks… Can this be removed to allow more than 50 tasks?


Hi @Brad_Heydon and thanks for your feedback! I believe we have locked it to 50 tasks to avoid any performances issues, but this is definitely something we will improve in the future!


I see, The problem with that is anyone that is using Asana as a project management tool is likely to have more than 50 tasks in a single project, we have 50 users, and each of them have more than 1 task per project. This feels like a terribly limiting choice to make. Especially as this feature of moving tasks is “work-around” fix for Asana not having the ability to set and move tasks based of a relative project start or finish date. Finding this limitation out today has basically taken away the ability for us to be able to use asana effectively. Is there change that could be made to allow more than 50 tasks to be moved?


The task edit update on iOS has made using the project assignment field even harder. Not only is it now at the bottom of the task forcing me to scroll through what can sometimes be long descriptions, but now in the mobile app I have to open a menu to access editing it and I can’t, after repeated tries, get it to give me the drop down menu to move the task under a headers within a project. It just keeps giving me the option list for assigning it to other projects. As a long-time user and recommemder of asana to clients & colleagues the changes being made to the project function in tasks have been both very frustrating and dissappointing - on desktop or app.


Love the new Blocked Task Indicator. It’s so helpful to display in the Task list view which Tasks are dependent on other Tasks. And replacing the Mark Complete button with the Blocked Task Indicator in the Task list was a clever way to make it a bit harder to complete a Task that has dependent Tasks.

Now that I said thanks, here is my humble request for more. :pray:

  • Would love to get an indicator that shows a Tasks is being depended on. In other words, make it clear that a Task is holding up another Task.

Also I noticed a couple of small glitches while I trying out the new dependent Tasks functionality.

  • If a Task is dependent on a Task from another Project, that isn’t made clear in the banner at the top of the Task pane.
  • And if you click on the link to the dependent Task from another Project in the banner at the top of the Task pane, Asana opens the selected Task pane, but doesn’t change the Project task list. A Task list from one Project and a Task pane from another Project is an atypical Asana view, that could easily confuse the user.


Thanks for this super useful feedback @Vince_Mustachio, really appreciate it!


I’m sooooo excited about Advanced search by Board column - this will make a huge difference for me… but I can’t find it in advanced search??? Can you give me some directions please?

Thanks so much!


Hello @Susan_Bromwich! Does that help :point_down:?


@Marie AMAZING! Thank you so much :smiley:


While not included in these notes, adding section headers and the Timeline task names following as you scroll are my two flipping favorite updates so far. This has made Timeline SO MUCH BETTER!!


So excited about rich text support and tap to edit functionality on iOS. Big wins, thank you!