Asana Release Notes January 2020

Happy Friday everyone :tada:

Here are our Release Notes for the month of January:

  • Introducing Approvals : Approvals are a new task type that help streamline review cycles between requesters and approvers. Learn more here
  • New Rule combinations : You can now add trigger combinations (when X and/or Y happens), multiple actions (do A, B, and C), and more customization to rules. Learn how
  • Subtask visibility in List view : You can now collapse and expand subtasks in list view, enabling you to set assignees, due dates, and custom field values from the main project.
  • Currency and percent custom fields : We’ve added currency and percent label options to our existing number custom fields, as well as a new “average” column function option in list view.
  • Improvements to multi-select : We’ve improved the multi-select experience with a streamlined menu and additional action options. If you’re not using multi-select yet, it’s a great time-saver! Learn more here
  • Resizable columns : Now you can drag to resize columns in the list view, giving you more control over the visibility of your task names and custom field data.
  • Reorder tasks offline with iOS : Tasks may now be reordered in MyTasks and projects with Asana iOS when a device is offline.

You can find previous Release Notes in the #community-forum-announcements:release-notes category as well as on our Guide:

If you have any questions, make sure to post them below, we’ll be happy to help!


You’ve been busy! :heart_eyes:

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Wish there was a way to remove or collapse the Custom Fields on the subtask level. It gets a very cumbersome with them listed above the task description, especially if they are needed at the top level but not the subtask level.

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I love the multi-select!

Resizable columns: It is great that they can be resized. However, when the column is showing a two-letter button, it still has so much wasted space. The minimum size of the columns should be user determined.

Having issues where I can’t assign to new projects using multi-select and Tab+P (focus doesn’t then go to project-selector type-ahead, I have to manually click “Add to Project +” after hitting Tab + P.

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Looks good!

  • Any plans for throwing us “Premium” users a bone when it comes to Rules?

  • It would be nice if Tab+R worked when writing a task title. I always have to manually click outside the text-box to open the details.

  • Multi-select + “Make subtask of” would be a huge addition!