Asana Release Notes January 2020

Happy Friday everyone :tada:

Here are our Release Notes for the month of January:

  • Introducing Approvals : Approvals are a new task type that help streamline review cycles between requesters and approvers. Learn more here
  • New Rule combinations : You can now add trigger combinations (when X and/or Y happens), multiple actions (do A, B, and C), and more customization to rules. Learn how
  • Subtask visibility in List view : You can now collapse and expand subtasks in list view, enabling you to set assignees, due dates, and custom field values from the main project.
  • Currency and percent custom fields : We’ve added currency and percent label options to our existing number custom fields, as well as a new “average” column function option in list view.
  • Improvements to multi-select : We’ve improved the multi-select experience with a streamlined menu and additional action options. If you’re not using multi-select yet, it’s a great time-saver! Learn more here
  • Resizable columns : Now you can drag to resize columns in the list view, giving you more control over the visibility of your task names and custom field data.
  • Reorder tasks offline with iOS : Tasks may now be reordered in MyTasks and projects with Asana iOS when a device is offline.

You can find previous Release Notes in the #community-forum-announcements:release-notes category as well as on our Guide: Asana Release Notes | Product Guide • Asana.

If you have any questions, make sure to post them below, we’ll be happy to help!


You’ve been busy! :heart_eyes:

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Wish there was a way to remove or collapse the Custom Fields on the subtask level. It gets a very cumbersome with them listed above the task description, especially if they are needed at the top level but not the subtask level.


I love the multi-select!

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Resizable columns: It is great that they can be resized. However, when the column is showing a two-letter button, it still has so much wasted space. The minimum size of the columns should be user determined.

Having issues where I can’t assign to new projects using multi-select and Tab+P (focus doesn’t then go to project-selector type-ahead, I have to manually click “Add to Project +” after hitting Tab + P.

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Looks good!

  • Any plans for throwing us “Premium” users a bone when it comes to Rules?

  • It would be nice if Tab+R worked when writing a task title. I always have to manually click outside the text-box to open the details.

  • Multi-select + “Make subtask of” would be a huge addition!


Would still love to see a custom field with Date Format that can have rules applied to it. For example,:

  • Field: Last Updated
  • Rule: When task is updated, set field to current date
  • Field: Follow-Up Date:
  • Rule: When task updated, set field to current date + 7 days
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I just posted that I would like to see this expanded or collapsed view part of the default view so we can collapse a section and not have it expanded on default.

Subtasks in list view is great, but they disappear when sorting the list view by custom fields. This also means numerical values contained in custom fields also disappear which makes budget tracking hard or not viable at all with sub-tasks. This is because Asana will only provide a total for a full column/field when sorted by that column/field. When that field is used with sub-tasks and you sort by it they disappear and no longer contribute to the sum/average for the column.

Using Asana to monitor budgets and use sub-tasks as part of that, is not feasibly without either sub-tasks being visible in list view, regardless of which field is used to sort, or the option/feature to show totals for entire columns and not just for sections when in default sort mode.


Remember that the release note might not be the best place to discuss feature request, rather than the existing threads on the topic :slight_smile:

On iOS, we can no longer drag and drop the tasks to move them at all, offline or on. We need to be able to view tasks by assignee, and then reorder them so that they know their priorities. How can I do this?

HI @Selva_Libre, this is only possible if your project isn’t sorted. If it is sorted (by due date or assignee for example) it is not possible to re-order tasks both on web and in mobile!

Thanks Marie! But we are trying to do something we have been doing for months, and it just now no longer works. We are searching by assignee, to see all their tasks across all projects, and then want to drag and drop to reorder these tasks. Have been doing this for a long time but now it is no longer working.