Asana Release Notes September 2020

Hi all :wave: :slight_smile:

Please find below our Release Notes for the month of September!

  • Charts in status updates : Add charts to your project and Portfolio status updates, bringing them to life with clear visuals. Learn how.
  • Forms facelift : We released three updates to Forms this month. Learn more about Forms.
    • A date field in a Form can now map to the due date field of the resulting task.
    • Add a custom header to personalize the appearance of your Forms to submitters.
    • Add branching logic to your Forms to ensure people only answer relevant questions, while making sure you get all the information you need to kick off work.
  • Subtasks on boards : Now you can expand and take actions on Subtasks directly from the main Board View, in the same way you can from List View.
  • Custom Fields in iOS : Add and view Custom Fields in your list view projects on mobile with iOS.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and to log your feedback in our #productfeedback category!