Asana Release Notes March 2020

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Our Release notes for March 2020 have just been published, so if you’d like a quick recap of all the exciting things we launched last month, have a look below:

  • PDF proofing on web and mobile : Proofing in Asana is now available for PDF files in addition to image files.
  • Custom hyperlinks : Customize the title of hyperlinks in conversations, status updates, task descriptions, and comments. Learn how
  • Do not disturb : Use the “do not disturb” feature to pause notifications for designated blocks of time.
  • Sorting within sections : When you sort tasks by a custom field value, they’ll be sorted within their current section. You can toggle this setting on or off at the bottom of the “sort” drop-down menu.
  • Project personalization : Customize your projects with 33 new project icons. Click on the project image in the upper lefthand corner to see icon options.
  • Shareable invite links : Quickly invite additional people to your team or project using shareable links. Learn how
  • Power BI integration : Build custom, actionable dashboards based on Asana inputs like Custom Fields to get real-time insights into projects and workflows with the new Power BI integration. Learn more
  • Dark mode in iOS : This update adds support for iOS system dark mode. Enable dark mode in your system settings
  • Attachment approvals : Quickly create approvals for attachments by clicking on the attachment drop-down menu and selecting “request approval.” An approval subtask will automatically be added to the parent task.
  • Updated advanced search view : Advanced search results are now displayed in a grid-like format to match the new project list view and give you better visibility of the projects, tags, and custom fields in your search.

And as usual, you can find all our previous release notes at :wink:


This is a small update I discovered and think its very useful!


@Marie, Perhaps it should be noted that Attachment approvals are a Business-only feature.



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Hi @lpb and thanks for the feedback :wink:

I don’t think we systematically mention what tiers each feature belongs to in Release Notes!

So excited to see this feature!!


does it work for basic plan user ?@maria

Hi @Shermaine,

If you’re referring to the “Sort within Sections”, yes it is available to everyone, including to customer using the basic version of Asana!

Hi Maria

As a basic user, we hope can entitle more services from Asana, there are too many useful feature we unable to use like custom fields, reports, we understand Asana need subscriber to contribute revenue, however please open just some common use feature to basic user since we really dont need so many features.

Thank you.

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Just submitted a defect fix request for this. When you update a hyper in one task and then complete the task linked, the checkmark doesn’t show up on the newly custom link.

Still need a reimagined inbox that is easier to sort and customize to each users liking. Boards would be quite helpful and the ability to personalize/customize. Instead i feel the lost leaves a bad feeling in my stomach as its overwhelming to just see a list of things due everyday…all with diferent priorities that aren’t easily distinguishable.

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Currently we have to set up project for individuals so they can manage as they want. Would like to have much higher level of customization within My Tasks!

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This has now been fixed @Richard_Getz1, thanks for sharing your feedback with us! As for this other feedback linked below, I would recommend submitting your feedback in #productfeedback so we can keep track of it :slight_smile:

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Why is the forwarding to broken now?

Hi @Alex_Meyerovich,and sorry for the delay in responding to you! I can see in Recent email security update. How to fix “We couldn’t process your email” that you have managed to resolve this issue, well played and again, so sorry for not responding earlier!

Brilliant thank you