Asana Release Notes, February 2018



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February 2018

Spanish and Portuguese: ¡Hola! Olá! Asana is now available in Spanish and Portuguese. The full Asana app and website, including the Guide, are fully translated. To change your language in Asana, go to your My Profile Settings and select Display. Learn more.

Paste images from clipboard: When you need to share an image with your team, you can now simply copy and paste it* into a comment and your image will be attached. A link to the image will also be added as a comment in the task, conversation, or status update. Less steps means time saved! *Available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari at this time.

Tasks keep link to other projects in custom templates: A small but important update has been made to custom templates. Now tasks also stay linked to the other projects they live in when you create a new project from a template.

Lock icon on private projects: A lock icon now appears next to the project name if the project is private. Learn more about private projects.

Prioritize tasks in iOS: You can now mark tasks assigned to you for Today, Upcoming, or New, directly from your iOS device so you can prioritize work when you’re on the go.

Improved views in iOS: You can now sort tasks in projects by custom fields in addition to assignee, due date, likes, and alphabetical. And when you save a view in the web app, that view will also appear in the mobile app.

New task list in iOS: The task list in our iOS app is new and improved, so it’s easier to visualize your work and quickly take the actions you need.

Tasks in 20 projects: To help ensure your Asana experience remains fast, now you’ll be able to add tasks to a maximum of 20 projects. Existing tasks that are in more than 20 projects will not be affected, but you won’t be able to add them to more.


The IOS development team has certainly been active and continues to keep making great improvements.


Thanks for the positive feedback, @James_Carl!


what does it mean that we can’t add to more than 20 projects? our firm has more.


Yes you can have more than 20 projects.

A task can belong to several project at the same time, and 20 is the maximum number of projects to which a same task can belong.
For more info, see:


I agree ios progress has been excellent. I’m confused by the better task view in the new release though. What’s changed. I don’t notice anything and I just double checked to make sure I am up to date.


Hi thanks for all the hard work. Is there a better way to access Team Conversations in IOS? It was easier to access with the old interface. Even though I have it marked as a favorite, the only way I can access the “Team Conversations” is to go to All Projects then search “Team”. I have to do this every time I want to post. Thanks!