Asana Release Notes, Nov 2017

Asana’s most recent release notes below. We’ll be getting into a cadence of sharing these with you in the Community on a monthly basis :slight_smile:

Find all release notes here: Asana Release Notes | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

Comment-only projects: With comment-only projects, you can share more work with more teammates, and feel confident that information will stay accurate—with no accidental changes or edits. If you’re using Asana Premium or Enterprise, you can start creating comment-only projects today. Learn more.

Siri integration: Asana and Siri now work together on your iOS app to ensure you can easily add your to-dos, reminders, and work to Asana from anywhere. Whether you’re between meetings, out for coffee, have one last idea before bed, or simply don’t want to type—Asana and Siri keep good ideas moving forward. Learn more.

Asana is now available in French and German: We’re excited to make Asana easier to use for teams all over the world. We rolled out the entire Asana experience in French and German, and Spanish and Portuguese will be coming early next year. Learn more.

Performance improvements: In August we announced Asana is 2x faster. Since then, we’ve been working on even more speed improvements. Now projects and My tasks sort faster in all possible views, and pages load faster so you can access your work more quickly.

Updated Team Overview: When you select Team Conversations from the sidebar, you’ll be taken to a revamped Team Overview page where you can easily add project templates for your team.

Simplified project header: We simplified the project header so it’s easier to find the action you need to take.

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Looking forward for the Portuguese version.