Asana Release Notes, May 2018

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May 2018

New Asana for Slack integration: With this new version of the integration, your team can get Asana updates in Slack, take action on those updates, and even turn Slack messages into Asana tasks or comments—without leaving Slack. Learn more.

Drawing dependencies on Timeline: Planning your projects in Timeline just got even easier. Now you can draw dependencies between tasks directly on Timeline. Simply hover over any task and select the connector to draw dependencies between tasks. Learn more.

Project start dates: You can now add project start dates in the Progress tab so your team knows when your project began. Learn more.

Emoji’s in custom fields and task and project names: We know you :heart: emoji’s, and now you can use them everywhere in Asana. Use your favorite emoji to differentiate task or project names and add them to custom fields.

Relative date display: Timestamps in task comments are now displayed as an approximate age, rather than a date and time so it’s easier to quickly identify how long ago a comment was posted. Miss the details? Just hover over any timestamp to see the full date and time.

Personal pronouns in Profile Settings and your profile card: Sometimes your name and role aren’t enough for others to refer to you—pronouns are an important part of that equation. To help ensure your teammates are addressing you how you’d like to be addressed, we’ve add a pronouns field to your profile. To specify your pronouns, go to My Profile Settings and enter your pronouns. They will appear in your profile card. We hope this small, but important update, will lead to more effective communication overall in Asana, and help build a more inclusive workplace. Learn more.

No mobile indication for mobile comments: With this update, there is no longer a mobile icon alongside comments that are posted from the Asana mobile app. This ensures you can work from anywhere on your phone or mobile device, without your communication in Asana feeling (or looking) any different than it would in the web app. This is now available in iOS and the web app, with Android coming soon!

Status updates require color: When you set a status update for a project, you now must specify a color of green (on track), yellow (progressing but some risks), or red (at risk and needs attention) so your team knows how your project is progressing. Learn more.

Divisional Admin Console for Enterprise: Divisional Admins now have access to a dedicated Admin Console where they can manage members, view their teams, and see their plan. This is only available to Divisional billing owners and is a part of their Premium Division.

Actionable messages in Outlook: You can now take action on Asana email notifications right from Outlooks. These actions include: view in Asana, set due date, add a comment, and mark complete. Learn more.

Edit comments on iOS: With this update, you can now edit comments in our iOS app, just like in the web app. Android is coming soon!

A faster Asana on mobile for international customers: If you use a non-English version of the Asana mobile app, your mobile experience is now faster because you’re now using a new API.

Team Drive now available from the Google Drive integration: The Google Drive integration allows you to easily add files to tasks, and now the integration includes Team Drive in addition to your personal drive. Learn more.


Thank you all so much for your hard work!! have been really really enjoying the iOS updates from the last few months. Particularly the updated Add Task interactions are a great step up and smoother than I’ve seen it in any other app.

Excited too to see (finally) actionable outlook emails happening.