Asana Release Notes February 2023

Hello Asana Community :wave:

Please find below our latest release notes. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below :slight_smile:

  • Goals team sharing: Scale and socialize goals more easily by adding teams as collaborators to goals, not only individual contributors. Learn more about sharing goals.
  • Rules on subtasks: Automate workflows that rely on subtasks. Select an option to include tasks and subtasks when creating a rule.
  • Integrations in rules: Automate work across tools to keep teams more connected with these new integrations in custom rules: Google Calendar, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive.
  • Subtasks on timeline: See subtasks in timeline view to visualize complex projects with dependent workstreams. Read more about subtasks on timeline.
  • Variable assignees in project templates: Add roles to a project template to create assignee placeholders that will automatically assign tasks to the right teammate when launching a project from the template. See how to add roles to a project template.
  • Create projects from templates in portfolios: Launch new projects from templates in the portfolio view.
  • Lag shifting due dates in timeline view: Maintain buffer time between dependent tasks when changing due dates in the timeline view. See more about auto-shifting dates for dependent tasks.
  • Start and stop timer: Track time with a timer on tasks. In addition to manually entering time for work in the past, now start a timer to capture work actively being done.
  • Drag and drop images in task descriptions: Drag and drop an image into the task description from your desktop. Learn more about adding in-line images.
  • New question type in forms - start/end dates: Add a date range question so that form submitters can enter a start and end date.
  • HubSpot + Asana integration: Keep track of important context from deals and email marketing campaigns in Asana. Connect HubSpot and Asana.
  • New developer documentation: Build better with Asana. See an updated version of Asana’s developer documentation.
  • Asana Academy refresh: The Asana Academy has a new look (and it’s more than just a makeover): Explore new learning paths to get started or dive deeper into using the Asana platform.
  • 20-day productivity challenge Level up your productivity with our 20-day productivity challenge, a new course to help you get into a more productive routine for working smarter, not harder, in 2023.

The link to the Asana Academy is broken. I think you need to remove the before the URL.

Thanks for flagging this @ZacharyAlso!

Hi Marie

How did I subscribe to this? A few teams member would like to get emails from you too. Thank you!

When will the new Asana be live?

Hello @Aaron_Hall, you can have your team subscribe to these topics by following these steps → Follow our Release notes category to receive a monthly update including all Asana latest updates! 📧 :slight_smile:

Thank you!! This helps!

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Project Roles is a game changer :raised_hands:


Regarding Hubspot Integration:
I’d love to sync all my tasks in hubspot from a specific “queue/list” with a specific project - both ways

Regarding google calender intergration:
I’d love to keep an appointment synced, even if i move the date of the task that created the calender integration. Even further, sync all Tasks (from a section) from a specific project to my teammembers calender.

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We’d really benefit big from those 2 requests as well!

I love seeing subtask enhancements in the release notes!

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Beautiful release… I can see the option to add time records, but not the start/stop timer… can you recommend me a tutorial for this function?



This may still be rolling out and not yet available to 100% yet.

Documentation is found here:

And perhaps of use too:


Y’all are correct-- assigning roles really would be a game-changer. It really stinks to be a Premium subscriber these days. Boo, hiss!

Such nice updates this month!
It’d be even more helpful if you could let us know which plan user gets the access to these updates :slight_smile:

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@Marie I kept trying to subscribe to the News and Asana Release Notes and still wasn’t getting the emails. Just now I was looking at my preferences and I think maybe the additional step I was missing was there. Am I correct that this preference has to be set for the bell notifications to work? If so, it might be helpful to other people to add this step to your instructions.

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Correct @Katie_Kendle :slight_smile:

Whyyyyy does the rules on subtasks not work for overdue notifications?! This is a big pain point for us. :frowning:

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+1 this comment. Is it on the product roadmap to have the rule on subtasks apply for overdue notifications?

Can you say more about what you mean here?