Asana Release Notes August 2023

Hi all,

Please find below our latest release notes! Let us know if the comments if you have any questions or feedback!

  • Updates to universal workload: Universal workload now includes subtasks when an effort field, due date, and assignee are added. Share the universal workload view with teammates, and favorite a universal workload view to save it in the sidebar. Learn more about universal workload.

  • Editor access level in projects: Allow Editor level permissions for project members who need to add and edit tasks and messages without modifying the project structure.

  • View-level saving in projects: Save a default project view for everyone and set different filters and sorts per view. See how to surface the most relevant information by saving views.

  • Task or all subtasks completion status in rules: Add a new rule for when tasks or all subtasks are marked complete. For example, set a rule to complete a parent task when all subtasks are completed.

  • Dynamic values: Variable assignee in rules: Use variables for the assignee when creating a rule with “create task” or “create subtask/approval.” Read more about variables in rules.

  • @mention in basic search: Search a collaborator or project by @-mentioning in the search bar. Learn more about basic search.

  • Custom project Icons: Enterprise customers can add custom icons to projects.

  • Improvements to admin app management: Users can include a message when requesting approval to the Super Admin when the app blocked feature is turned on. Read more about app management and integrations.

  • Enhancements to Asana and Okta SCIM integration: SCIM provisioning sync now allows IT admins to sync enhanced user profile attributes, such as location, manager, and cost center, from Okta to Asana.


This update seems to have completely removed all of my section headers in “My Tasks”?

Welcome, @Lucas_J.W_Johnson,

Is this the issue:



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Yes that seems to have fixed it, thanks. Don’t know why that was changed from how I had it. thanks!

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We’ve noticed that tasks no longer show history of who modified them. Is this now a toggle setting that can be displayed or hidden? We liked being able to see when items were moved or modified.

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It’s now a dropdown at the top of the activity list:

If you select “All activity”, Asana will remember your choice.


Thanks Lucan! I am also no longer able to move my tasks in order of priority in My Tasks since this latest update. Is there a workaround for this?

Welcome, @Kathy_Laurnen,

Did you try the solution I linked to here?



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I didn’t understand it at first, but when I tried it again, and it worked, thank you so much!

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nice small details - i like filter layouts saving for different formats and view.

Go ahead.

This is a great improvement!

One rule that will make our life much easier: “When a parent task is mark as Completed, mark all sub-tasks as Completed”

Is that possible? do you plan to add it soon?

Hello! I have to provide a weekly summary of tasks I’ve completed. I used to be able to filter by completion status, and then when tasks were completed. However, when I filter my tasks by completion status, it now says I can no longer use the “Completed On” filter. Is it possible to return this feature? Or let me know know what I’m doing wrong?!
Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 10.20.51 AM

Hi @Stephanie_Nebenzahl , welcome to the forum :wave:

You should be able to enable this once you remove the ‘Completion status’ filter which you have enabled above. The tooltip should explain than once you hover your mouse.

Having said that, I’m not sure why this behaves likes this since I can add the ‘Completion status’ filter back on after enabling the ‘Completed on’ filter.

If you don’t mind, you could create a post in the Report a Bug section.

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Have the colors change for the folders/icons?
The green and purple colors are washed out and less vibrant…
Asana colour changes

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Hi @Reuben_Baker, thanks for reaching out and reporting this! I’m investigating this and I will get back to you with an update soon :slight_smile:

Hi Emily. I am curious about the color change as well. Was this intentional or is this just a bug?

Hi all! I’m a PM who works with our Design System and Accessibility teams. This is not a bug and was in fact a quietly rolled out product update to help us meet our Accessibility goals. To meet WCAG color contrast minimums for our low vision customers, we needed to update 4 of the colors used in the custom field pills and project/portfolio thumbnails. We are monitoring customer feedback though and would love to hear any additional thoughts on issues you might face with any of the specific color changes!


Thank you for letting me know! I didn’t know you can file a bug. I just created my first one. Contrast Issue

Thank you for providing me with information about the accessibility goal. I completely approve of it. However, I would like to bring to your attention another issue. There are certain areas that lack contrast, making it difficult to see in light mode. Please refer to the two attached screenshots for reference. On the other hand, the dark mode works perfectly fine. I hope this feedback helps. I just filed one Contrast Issue

EDIT: Since I’m a new user, I’m only allowed to upload one image so I combined all in one.