Contrast Issue

I would like to bring to your attention to this accessibility contrast issue. There are certain areas that lack contrast, making it difficult to see in light mode. Please refer to the attached screenshot for reference. On the other hand, the dark mode works perfectly fine. I hope this feedback helps.

Thanks for flagging this @Aaron_Hall, I’ve shared it with our Design System team! This is a known issue with our Colorblind friendly theme (this setting lives in the “Display” tab of Settings). Our default light/dark theme has been remediated to meet contrast minimums and updating the colorblind friendly theme is still in our backlog.


Moving this to Product Feedback given this is currently expected. Thanks for the report @Aaron_Hall, we’ll circle back here once we have an update!

As of this morning, the colors on Boards has changed. I’ve heard from Asana Support that some testing is happening some users to add a ‘colorblind friendly mode’. While this would be useful to some, there should be a way to toggle this on and off. As it is now, it’s very hard to see the headers and task outlines, making it very distracting and ‘hard on your eyes’.

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I experienced the same thing. Seems like the background image feature has been removed and the only options left are black or white display. It makes the kanban board rather dull and hard to read. Is there possibility that asana brings back the backgroud feature?