Low contrast in sidebar hinders usability/accessibility

Gray text on black background in the sidebar makes it difficult to quickly navigate and identify the label/link I am looking for.

Designers may love the subtle low contrast look, but it reduces the legibility of your interface.

As my eyes get older I am more and more sensitive to low contrast issues and in an enterprise environment compliance with ADA/Accessibility standards is important as well.

Please increase the contrast, allow for a high contrast option, or allow personal settings similar to slack.



Thanks for sharing your feedback @Mike_Hoefer; I completely understand where you’re coming from and really hope this is something we can improve in the future!

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I am having difficulty reading the low contrast theme. I must resort to copying the text and pasting to Word in order to read it.
High Contrast option would be beneficial.


Low contrast is also an issue in many other places on the site. Specifically grey text on the bluish grey backgrounds (Board and Timeline views as a couple examples).

Contrast for any text should meet the minimum guidelines as outlined here: Accessible to all

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Couldn’t agree more!! Timeline causes actual pain! HELP ASANA!

Hi Marie - can I beg for an update on this? I’m ready to fully migrate out of MS-Project but that means full reliance on Timeline view for Gantt. The color scheme is holding me back.

Hi @Michael_Hobbs,

I don’t have an update on this topic at the moment but I’ve gone ahead and made a task internally to highlight this issue. I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update!