More contrast in font color for Completed Tasks

My eyes are pretty good. Still I have difficulty in all letters being grey on a bright white background. I wanted to attach a picture how :completed tasks” show. On my iPad. Really, one could hardly distinguish the letters.
Really; i need more contrast!

I just voted. It’s far harder to see the text of completed tasks in Project grid view (new) than it is in My Tasks view (old) right now simultaneously; a step down.

This contrast violates all accessibility standards and is really hard to read the text of completed tasks when you’re in All Tasks or Completed Tasks view. Greying out a few words is one thing, but this is important content that we’re interested in reading if we’ve bothered to change the view from Incomplete Tasks Only.

I hope you’ll consider increasing the contrast of the text here.



I am having issues too seeing the difference, adjusting the screen color, brightness, contrast settings helps a little bit, but not really.image

Whenever I mark a task as complete, it fades our so completely that I cannot read it. If someone else completes a task and I want to check on what they completed, I have “uncomplete” the task in order to read what it was. This is unacceptable. I haven’t found a way to prevent this. Is there one? Is there a way of making a strike-through or a different color that is readable? I consider this a serious issue. Is there a way of setting a theme to make everything more readable?

Hi @Michael_Westwind, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

When you mark a task complete, it will be still available in your project but their visibility will depend on how you are filtering your tasks.

In order to see all tasks in your project including incomplete tasks, please filter your tasks by All Tasks:

Screenshot 2020-09-11 at 09.32.27

Once you select the filter, you can save this view as default so every time you and your team access the project you will see All Tasks.

Screenshot 2020-09-11 at 09.33.01

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.

@Emily_Roman - They know that. If you read their question they weren’t asking how to see them again. They were asking how to improve the accessibility of the app.

They said when the task is marked complete it fades a bit, which makes it more difficult to use for those of us with vision impairments and other accessibility issues.

@Michael_Westwind, @Skyler,

You can vote for this change, and read my post from last year, and others’, here:

@Emily_Roman, perhaps it’s appropriate to merge this thread into the above?



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Done! Thank you so much @lpb :slight_smile:

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Font Size, Colour and Visibility - How do i adjust Size, Colour and overall visibility of text in Asana. Fonts are small generally. Completed tasks are almost impossible to read. Yes the data is there however very difficult to see it.

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Look like it’s not possible to change the text color of completed tasks, but if you’re using Google Chrome, you can install a “High Contrast” extension to make it easier to see the text.

Some of our users are not able to read the text of completed tasks as the light gray font color is too close to the white background. Suggest adding the ability to change the Complete task text color.

@Emily_Roman, I think this is a duplicate of:

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PS I voted.

Yes, no problem … how do we combine/collapse these two?

Thanks for your feedback @Kevin_de_Smidt! I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to centralize feedback.

Thanks @lpb!

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