My Tasks Calendar harder to read now, not enough contrast

I basically work out of the My Tasks Calendar view because of subtasks. Recently, it was updated. I love the ‘Unscheduled’ option and like the option for week vs. month view and filters for all tasks/incomplete/complete.

However, it’s much harder to read through now. I’m not sure what part of the UI design it is. Color (super white/grey, lack of contrast across elements incl. days), size (is everything wider with padding now?)… or it could be something else.

Would the UX team be able to continue optimizing it and perhaps do some further user testing for people who primarily use this function?

Hi @Cindy_Cheng, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback.

I hear what you’re saying! I’ve passed this feedback on to our Product team. While we don’t have plans to revert the My Tasks Calendar to the previous design right now, I’ll keep you updated if any changes :slight_smile:


Yup! good point. Upvoted!!

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