Asana Release Notes June 2023

Hi all,

Please find below our latest release notes! Let us know if the comments if you have any questions or feedback!

  • Add formulas to custom fields: Use basic formulas in custom fields to manage numerical data. Read more.

  • Auto-shifting dates for dependent tasks: Due dates between dependent tasks will now automatically shift from any project view. Learn how.

  • “Mark task as approval” rule action: Create a rule to automatically convert a task to an approval. Find the new action under the “Update task” section in the custom rule builder. See how to use rules to create a task action.

  • Universal workload: View your teammates’ workloads across all tasks and projects in Asana. Access universal workload from the reporting tab. Learn more.

  • Increased custom field limits: We’ve increased the custom field limit in projects from 30 to 100.

  • Preset rules for integrations in Premium: Preset rules for select integrations are now available in Premium. Check out more on rules integrations and widgets.

  • Filtering in portfolios: Use basic filtering functionality to view a subset of projects within a portfolio. See how.

  • Date filtering option on the Export API: Super Admins in Enterprise accounts can use Service Accounts to apply date filtering on tasks and messages when using the Export API. Learn more about Service Accounts.


These are fantastic, thank you! One question: do you have any plans to also add a “mark approval as task” rule action?
Currently, we have a rule that adds a subtask to ‘convert approval back to a task’ whenever an approval is marked as ‘changes requested’ but it would be amazing for this to happen automatically! :pray:

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Is there a limit to how many ‘starred’ projects we can have? A lot of my team don’t like being limited to our top or most recent projects, and want to see everything on their side bar.

Also, is there a way - or will there in the future be a way - to sort the projects in our side bar by alphabetical order automatically?


@Alex_Berger thanks for sharing your feedback with us! We don’t have immediate plans to add a rule to convert an approval back to a task, but you can create a new task when the approval requires changes :slight_smile: Feel free to create a request for this feature in our Product Feedback category, and we will let you know there if we launch this feature in the future!

@natalie.cameron we don’t have a limit at the moment, but we recommend keeping only the most important projects as favorites! In regard to the ability to sort sidebar alphabetically automatically, this is coming soon! We will post an update in the Forum once it’s rolled out.


Do you have any plans to make Universal workload available for Asana Business? We use Asana Business primarily for the workload functionality. Portfolios are somewhat limiting, when you want to see across your entire agency.

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I have messaged and emailed and had no response except for someone on Facebook. The change in the way Teams is listed on the sidebar is really annoying. We found it incredibly useful to see a team and all the projects under that team on the left hand side without actually having to ‘open’ a project. There is now an option to sort Projects by ‘Recent’ and ‘Top’. Please add the option to see all work under a team on the left.
Maybe increase the amount of visible projects to 20 or something?
Part of the fanfare seemed to be that we could do ‘custom this and custom that’ but actually we can’t.
We preferred the way the old sidebar worked. Please provide an option for us to still have it that way.


i really do not like this new update by making them with a hover tab. I work on almost all projects and jump between them, this has now added in an extra click. And it means I can’t at a glance see what we have a current. I would love to see it optional as I like it also broken down via teams- I don’t want them all starred.


Same. I am bouncing in and out of over 40 projects and to scroll and hover then click has added a few extra seconds to each project view. An option to adjust or customize view would be ideal.


I really wish you would have given us a heads up before doing this! I wasted a few hours trying to find all of my projects, then having to star them all so I can put them back in the order that we had them in. Now none of our team will see the projects in the same order. We arrange our projects by color code and dates, now they’re all mixed up. What a waste of my time and my team’s time. As the PM, I need to be able to see ALL projects ALL of the time, not just recents. I also refer to our archived projects often. Now I have more steps to take to find those as well. I can’t even find how to archive the current projects. I wish you’d at least give us the option to opt out and try this at a different time. I don’t have much time for training right now. So much easier when this was a simplified platform… perhaps you might consider giving users/teams the options to customize features that are more useful to their particular teams. I’d really like to go back to the former version.


I don’t understand the reasoning behind this.

I oversee every project we have and need to be able to see them all. I also have them arranged in a certain way: Events are orange and always at the top in chrono order with hard deadlines; blue projects are next in the list because the deadline is softer; purple is ongoing projects with rolling deadlines. I may not touch a purple project for a while, but I still need to monitor the progress. I can’t do that if I can’t see it in the list. The hover take more time; useless.

Please consider a way for us to opt out of this new nav. It’s takes more time to find everything.


Agree with all here. Removing the sidebar of all projects (which we had in alpha order) was so much faster for all of us on the team. We go in and out of over 40 projects every day. Now we cannot see all projects without having to go through over 5 clicks (plus clicking the “show more” in the projects section). AND now we can no longer alpha our full project list, which is only ever visible on flyout. This is a really poor redesign. Please bring the Projects sidebar back the way it was or you will cost our whole team many extra hours of work each week. Which will cost me extra in team hours / pay. And THAT will make me want to find a new project managing platform.


Don’t like this new update either. It’s annoying to navigate between the million and one projects my team has when we’re limited to 10 on the sidebar.


Adding my voice to the large list of folks annoyed by the awful UX of the new sidebar.
I’m sure it’s fantastic for people that don’t have 100+ projects to swap between, and don’t need to reference archived projects at all.


Echoing everything said here about the new sidebar, as it was much more user friendly previously. Not being able to alphabetize projects anymore especially hurts, as my existing projects are in alpha order, but new projects since this update are just at the bottom of the list. This alone has made me explore other platforms to manage my projects.

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