Asana Release Notes December 2022

Hi all :wave:

:rocket: Please find our release notes for this month below :arrow_down:

  • Time tracking: Track and report on estimated and actual time spent on tasks. Read more about how time tracking is rolling out over 3 release phases.
  • Custom fields in My Tasks: Add new private custom fields in My Tasks or add existing fields already used in projects. Like fields in projects, you can add fields to your My Tasks via the customize menu.
  • Create a new task using rules: Create new tasks, milestones, or approval tasks in rules. Choose a trigger or combination of triggers, and Asana will create the task when the rule runs. See how to create a task action.
  • Updated portfolio view: Resize and reorder columns in the portfolio list, similarly to the Project grid. Read more about portfolio view.
  • Increased limits on forms and form questions: Build up to 20 forms in a single project and add up to 200 questions per form. Check out multiple forms per project.

As always, we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback in the comments below :slight_smile:


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Hi - the new time tracking feature looks great. Is it possible to track time in a unit other than hours / minutes, for instance: days or weeks?

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Hi! I noticed some changes this morning (maybe it’s been longer, so I noticed) like the icons changing, so I assume this was the same time as the release of those: the upper right plus has always been my go-to for Asana use, and the “messaging” part is gone now. I am sure people got confused between messaging and tasks and that’s how it got axed, but my organization is operating completely within Asana and phased out email - the only place I can find to make a message now is in “inbox” with a very small boxed “send message” option.

First, please don’t phase out messaging - we just got out of email and it’s lovely for my part timers who don’t need work stuff going into personal inboxes and also just lovely in general.

Second, please make a more clear spot to do messaging or help me out.

Yes, horrible change! I finally moved away from email to using Asana messaging. It was great I could always click + and then send a message from wherever I was! Now I have to go to my inbox to do this.

I feel I am back in email, not in Asana. Please add Message back to +

I can still create a new message from my Omnibutton, so there is likely an A/B test happening. Let’s wait till we hear more on it from Asana before jumping to any conclusions!



Hi all and thanks for your feedback! @Phil_Seeman is right, this is part of an A:B test, we have no plans to phase out Asana Messages!

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I am Loving the Custom Fields in My Tasks! :clap: :clap: :clap:


Can we actually make it more robust? My employees lose their messages, too, as it gets lost in the activity feed. Some way to make it clear?

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Agree with Kristin. Messages need to be more prominent. It’s quick to find Messages you’ve sent but not the ones you have received.

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