Asana Release Notes March 2023

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Please find below our release notes for March 2023 :sparkles: We look forward to reading your feedback and answering your questions in the comments below!

  • Time tracking subtask rollups: See actual and estimated time field values on subtasks roll up and sum in the parent task. See more about subtask rollups.
  • Time tracking import/export support: Import and export time tracking values with a CSV. Learn more about importing time tracking values.
  • Time tracking support in templates: Estimated and actual time fields are carried over to any project created from a project template where these fields are used.
  • Time tracking read API support: Now it’s possible to read time tracking information for tasks in the API. See further information on read data in our Community Forum.
  • Reporting by time contributor: Use the time contributor filter called “Time added by” to see who added time. Check out how to build charts by time contributors in project, portfolio, and universal reporting dashboards.
  • Sections to forms: Add headings to your form to organize questions into sections. See how to create a form heading.
  • Freshdesk + Asana integration: Synchronize your Freshdesk tickets and Asana tasks to see important context and updates in both tools. Get Freshdesk for Asana.
  • Intercom + Asana integration: Keep track of Intercom conversations and their statuses in Asana. Install Intercom for Asana.
  • Mailchimp + Asana integration: Streamline Mailchimp email campaign details and metrics in Asana tasks. Connect Mailchimp and Asana.
  • Additions to Asana’s Audit Suite: Asana’s Audit Suite now includes Data Loss Prevention (DLP), archiving, and eDiscovery integrations to help prevent data leakage and meet compliance needs. Read more about Asana’s Audit Suite for Enterprise organizations in the Asana Guide and the Community Forum.
  • SCIM deprovisioning customization: Super admins can customize who is the default recipient of a deprovisioned user’s previously assigned tasks after they are deprovisioned via SCIM. Read more about SCIM deprovisioning customization.

Hi anything new or changed on the “Freshdesk + Asana integration”? I’ve been using it since last year. Works well (except if you initiate a new ticket from Freshdesk to Asana, it will create 2 tickets in Asana).

@Mike_Castoro, I’ll have an update in #news:product-updates later this week, stay tuned!

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Loving the forms headings! Makes such a nicer user experience

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I had my project list organized a specific way, and now it seems the drag/drop option to move the list around doesn’t work and the only way to organize the project list is via the ‘top projects’ and ‘recent projects’…which completely rearranged the way I work.
Am I missing something or is there a way to re-organize the list of projects how it used to be instead of this forced organizing method?

Hi @Marc_Verbenkov , welcome to the forum :wave:

The Projects section in the sidebar is actually new. I think what you are referring to was your Favorites section (now renamed to Starred) in which you can rearrange your projects list as you did.

You can read more about the changes to the sidebar in this post:

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Awesome. thanks for the clarification. Figured it out and happy I am organized once again :slight_smile: