Introducing DLP, eDiscovery, and Archiving APIs and Partnerships!

Hi Asana Community!

We’re excited to announce the latest additions to Asana’s Audit Suite – data loss prevention (DLP), archiving, and eDiscovery integrations – to help your organization prevent data leakage and meet compliance needs.

Let’s dive into the new capabilities available to Enterprise organizations:

Data loss prevention - Increase confidence that your data is not exposed risking privacy and security. Audit your Asana instance for sensitive data such as passwords that could be inadvertently entered into Asana projects, tasks, and attachments with Nightfall.

eDiscovery - Extract relevant data regarding a topic or group of users during internal investigations or in response to litigation with Exterro and Hanzo. We’re actively partnering with more eDiscovery providers, so keep an eye out for additional support for your discovery use cases.

Archiving - Retain data entered into Asana for a specified period of time to adhere to your organization’s compliance standards with Theta Lake.

These integrations expand upon Asana’s existing auditing capabilities that include our Audit Log API, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) integration with Splunk, and ability to manage approved workspaces through your preferred Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) provider. Check out Asana’s full partner ecosystem of Enterprise IT solutions.

Asana is also launching closed Enterprise APIs that support Data Loss Prevention, eDiscovery, and Archiving use cases. If you are a developer, integration partner, or customer interested in accessing these APIs, please fill out the form here.

At Asana, we’re committed to supporting you in keeping your Asana data secure and in compliance. If there are auditing partners with which you’d like for us to integrate, please let us know!

We look forward to your feedback.


Thanks for detailing those, not always easy to understand those features!