Asana Release Notes May 2023

Hi all,

Please find below our release notes for the month of May 2023. Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or feedback. We look forward to hearing what you think :slight_smile:

  • Duplicate dashboard for universal reporting: Duplicate a dashboard in the “Reporting” tab for easier setup and standardization.
  • New text formatting for comments: Add headings, images, and tables in comments across tasks, messages, status updates, and goals. Check out more on text formatting.
  • Updates to critical path on Timeline: The critical path task limit has been increased to 2000. Read about critical path on Timeline.
  • Multi-filter for calendar view: Apply multiple filters to calendar views in projects, just like on list and board views. Learn more about multi-sort and multi-filter in project views.
  • Export audit logs to CSV: Super admins in Enterprise domains can export audit log events to CSV from the Admin Console via the Security tab.
  • Actual time in advanced search: Search for actual time in advanced search and specify the search criteria in HH:MM format with options like equal to, less than, greater than, between, etc. Learn about time tracking.
  • Developer app sharing settings: Developers can choose how their apps are distributed and have the ability to share an app with specific workspaces only. See more about managing distribution.
  • Print to PDF from status updates: Print to PDF from project, portfolio, and goal status updates. See where to print a status update.
  • People and date fields for reporting: Group and filter by people and date custom fields for reporting on projects, portfolios and for universal reporting.

It used to be that charts (from Highlights) that were added to a status report did not appear when printed but I just tested one and it did print now! I’m not sure I ever saw this announced, but maybe I missed something or my recollection is off, but this is great to see and eliminates a frustration for many!!



@lpb, you haven’t missed anything, we skipped announcing this update in the Forum to prioritise other more important updates :slight_smile:

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Is there a multi-filter for the “timeline” view?

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“Moving over” conversations and attachments when converting Task to Project would be 100x more valuable :wink:

When will the sidebar be fixed? Its useless with only being able to see ‘recent’ or ‘top’ projects. We need an option to see all projects.


Agree - It’s been so disruptive that I check this forum constantly looking for any indication from Asana that they hear the feedback. There are at least 3 separate threads going with feedback about how it’s negatively affected workflows.


is great but is it possible to add colors to our comments ? and to the description of the task ?

Hi, Marie, quick question. A bit ago, the filters dropdown in my lists added a “Apply” button - so I could select exactly what I wanted to filter in multiple filters, and then click Apply to see it (instead of applying automatically right after you clicked each filter). This was great - I use filters a lot, and so having that second pause after switching every one was a bit annoying.

About a week ago, the interface went back to the old way all of a sudden - my Apply button went away for about three days. Then it came back again. Now, today, it’s gone again. haha.

I really hope that it’s a feature that will stay. Can you confirm if that’s true? And also, why it keeps switching back and forth for me? It’s like a feature was rolled out, taken away, rolled out, and taken away again…

Hi @Aaron_Stanton We are currently having an A/B test for real-time/filter and sorts. As you said, we rolled back the experiment for a few days about a week ago. As this is an A/B test, we cannot tell you now if we roll it out or not.

But I will pass your feedback to our team and I will comment here once we decide to roll out or not after the test :slight_smile:

Love the ability to save a portfolio progress update as a PDF! However, the output shows every occurrence of the lowercase “l” and every uppercase “I” as bolded while all the rest of the letters are normal. Anybody else encountering this?

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Hi @Aaron_Stanton I wanted to let you know that A/B test has finished and the product team decided to roll out the feature to filter/sort in real-time, meaning you won’t see ‘Apply’ button in the filter panel.