Asana Release Notes April 2023

Hi all,

Please find below our latest release notes! Let us know if the comments if you have any questions or feedback!

  • Portfolio dashboards: Track and manage real-time insights across all projects within a portfolio. Read more.
  • Custom field rollups in portfolios: Add a rollup to see a view-only custom field that sums numeric data across all projects within that portfolio. Learn about adding custom field rollups to a portfolio.
  • Bynder integration: See important information fields for assets with the Bynder task widget. Connect Bynder + Asana.
  • Notion integration: Preview and sync Asana tasks and projects inside Notion pages and databases with rules and task widgets for Notion. Connect Notion + Asana.
  • Confluence integration: Use Asana Rules to attach Confluence pages in Asana tasks. Connect Confluence + Asana.
  • Docusign integration: View the details of DocuSign envelopes in Asana tasks with the DocuSign widget. Connect DocuSign + Asana.
  • Multi-sort and multi-filter in projects: Apply multiple filters in the project view. Choose from multiple sort options in ascending or descending order. See how.
  • Draft comment widget on Home: View un-submitted comments by adding the Draft Comments widget to your Asana Home screen. Check out this post.
  • Previous status updates: Reference a previous status update from the “build your update” pane when creating a new status update making it easier to copy/paste.
  • Proofing images from task descriptions: Use proofing to add feedback directly from an image embedded in a task description or comment. Learn more about proofing.

I admit I have not used the Status update yet, but would like to learn more. Can you expand please, on how to access the “build your update” pane when creating a new status update. Where do I find this pane and it is accessible across projects, portfolios, and goals?

Filter area:

  • It’s so many clicks just to see your own unfinished tasks.
  • You can’t have multiple “Quick filter” buttons enabled at the same time.
  • When you click “Add filter” > “Assignee”, your cursor isn’t automatically in the field.
  • Could you please bring back “Search” button to the Filter area?

Notion rules give me an error every time

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