New Docusign, Bynder, Confluence and Freshdesk integrations!

Hello Asana Community :wave:

I’m excited to announce that Asana now integrates with DocuSign, Confluence and Freshdesk! To learn more about these new integrations and how to set them up, continue reading below!

DocuSign + Asana

The DocuSign + Asana integration allows teams to keep track of DocuSign envelopes by adding them to Asana tasks. Instead of having to check separate tools to see the status of an envelope, teams can view accurate envelope details in Asana.

For example, teams using Asana for their contract approval process can add a DocuSign envelope to an Asana task to monitor status, sender, recipients, and date delivered.

Learn more about DocuSign + Asana

Bynder + Asana

The Bynder + Asana integration allows teams to add Bynder assets to Asana tasks so that collaborators can track related work. Instead of repeatedly copying and pasting links between tools, linking Asana and Bynder drives seamless visibility and collaboration.

For example, teams can collaborate on campaign asset approvals in Asana and, following approval, add the Bynder asset to the Asana task as a widget. This makes it easy for collaborators to see the asset name, last modified date, public or private status, and follow the asset link path, all from one location in Asana.

Learn more about Bynder + Asana

Confluence + Asana

Teams can streamline work with Confluence + Asana by automatically creating Confluence pages in Asana and adding Confluence pages to Asana tasks. Rather than manually creating Confluence pages and linking those to relevant Asana tasks, teams can use Rules to streamline how task collaborators work together in the same document.

For example, teams that are conducting research interviews in Asana tasks can automatically create a Confluence page to take notes when the task moves to the “Interview scheduled” section. Teams can also link existing Confluence pages to an Asana task so that collaborators can see relevant context from the page.

Learn more about Confluence + Asana

Freshdesk + Asana

The Freshdesk + Asana integration allows teams to keep track of customer support tickets and their status by connecting apps together. Instead of having to check separate tools for the information needed to resolve customer issues, teams can view accurate Freshdesk ticket details in Asana, while working on related tasks.

For example, teams who have been tracking customer support tickets in Asana can add a Freshdesk ticket to a task, to monitor status, ticket owner, and ticket request date at a glance.

Let us know what you think and ask your questions in the comments below!


Great to see the Freshdesk integration!

A few feature requests:

  • Syncing the comments on Freshdesk with the Asana ticket (the third party Asana Connect integration does this at present)
  • The option to automatically create a task for each incoming Freshdesk ticket
  • Syncing the status between the two platforms, so if a ticket is closed on Asana it is closed on Freshdesk and vice versa

Long awaited integrations! I’m in love with Docu and Confluence! :heart_eyes:

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Great we might look at Docusign again!

It would appear the OP has linked the wrong Confluence app in her post.
There are two almost same-named apps that integrate with Confluence, one developed by third-party, the other developed by Asana. The post is about the Asana one but the link goes to the other app.

On top of that, it would help a lot if it would be made clear, in case of Atlassian tools integration, whether an app works with Cloud or self-hosted version, instead of leaving the users to do all the research instead. There is no mentioning of this info in the app page nor in this post.

I just spent 15 minutes to figure out that 1) there are two same-named apps and the one linked here is not the correct one 2) the correct app doesnt work with self-hosted Confluence.

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A great follow-up to DocuSign could be Pandadoc.

I’ve tried multiple times to attach Bynder and it keeps getting stuck on “Waiting for authorization” and not progressing until I close it and try again. Any ideas on what the hold up could be?

Apologies for sharing the wrong link @Renato_Laus, I’ve updated it. You can learn more about the integration on this page → Confluence + Asana • Asana

And yes, I can confirm that this does not support self-hosted versions. I’ll be sure to add this element in future forum announcements, and I’ve sent a note to our team to add it to the web page too!

@Renato_Laus just following up here to let you know the Confluence guide article has been updated. Thanks again for bringing this up to our attention :slight_smile:

Is it only manual adds of DocuSign URLs per task? Or are we able to create a project that pulls in ALL of our pending documents on DocuSign? And is there a way for fields to be integrated with DocuSign - ie custom columns based on these DocuSign status so if they are still pending we can make rules about how to handle?

If you have a business account it may need authorization from whomever your administrator is. I personally have to submit an Information Security ticket to get permission to add apps to my boards!

SO excited for the bynder integration!! We’ve been using Bynder for almost a year now and this is going to be so great. :tada: :partying_face: :clinking_glasses: :raised_hands:

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