Outlook Integration to Asana

Hi folks,

Looking for some feedback for some integration I’ve built between Microsoft Outlook and Asana. The integration allows you to do several things from within the Outlook client:

  • View tasks.
  • Update tasks (title, description, due date, and status).
  • Add comments to a task.
  • Create new tasks.

There are other applications that do this already, but what we do differently is try to take the guess work out of determining the project / task that an email is associated with. You can setup a member list (both Asana users and external contacts) for a particular project. So assume you are working with Jeff from ABC Inc. on a new website engagement. You can add Jeff as a member of the project. Any emails that Jeff sends you will automatically open up the website project in Asana.

We try to tackle all of the core operations you would perform on a task. We also provide an ability to launch to the full Asana interface, taking you directly to the task. This all saves time from attempting to locate the right item in Asana.

Please check out some of our videos:

The videos show Visual Studio Team Service, but our application works with VSTS, Basecamp, and Asana. We are also working on integrations with other project management systems. Consider a consulting practice that is forced to work outside Asana because of their client preference for example, you can link all of these systems together inside Outlook.

We are just starting up but want to move fast! If there is any feedback, questions, etc. that you have, please let me know. There is a version of the app that is free and provides read-only access for all functionality. Please do not pay for the subscription. Instead message me and I can you free access to get us some initial feedback.

You can get started with the app here:

Thanks in advance for your support!


Hi all,

We just released a new build to add some nifty icons to easily update existing tasks, add comments to tasks, launch to the full Asana interface for the task, or navigate back to the original task list.

We will have another update coming later this week which allows email attachments to be added into Asana. We just released this capability for Basecamp and Asana is next to receive this feature. You no longer have to save files locally, and then upload to Asana. Go straight from Outlook to Asana with no steps inbetween.

See below for the interface.


I’d like to explore this functionality if granted access.

Thank you

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Absolute. I will send you a message with more details.

Just pushed out this weeks build. Some new features:

  • Upload attachments directly from Outlook into an existing Asana task.
  • Enhanced searching capability to search existing tasks.
  • Card views on initial load (see screenshot below).
  • Validated support on Mac.

See a screenshot below for the card view layout.


More updates coming soon.

Hi folks,

We had an update we call Sticky Conversations we released late last week. When you open an email and associate it with a task in Asana, we will remember that association for the entire thread. This means any replies, forwards, etc. on the same email thread will immediately take you to the same task in Asana. This limits the need to perform searches over and over on the same email thread.

We have a video that shows this functionality on YouTube, I’ve pasted it below.

We are continously working on updates.



I’d really like to use this - I saw someone had requested access - when will it be public? And can I have access to this?

These are the functions Asana lack of that I believe most of the users suffer at the moment. If a third party software can make it happen then it would be great.

  • Nested subtask into outline format (todoist,workflowy like)
  • The ability to organize projects including filter/find/sort the projects.
  • calendar specific time sync (not all day event)
  • better permission setting for tasks/project (like “comment only” which is in beta now but it can even be more sophisticated)

This looks very promising. I added Project Buddy to my Outlook, but when I connect to Asana I get an error stating “cannot perform runtime binding on a null reference”.

You can get started by visiting this site:

Please send me a direct message if you need any further help.

We will be releasing the first tool in our Google suite soon. The first piece of this is going to be two way real-time synchronization with the Google calendar. We will also have the synchronization with Exchange calendars shortly after.

That should tackle one of the bullet points and we can then investigate further capabilities.


Geert, I sent you an email as well. Please let me know if you are still running into this problem.

Maggie, I’d be deeply honored to be added to the access list, as well. recently moved to a company that sill provides just on-premise Exchange and no web access, so my Asana productivity is taking a dip…

Doug, you can get started here: https://office.reddiapps.com/. Message me once your account is created and I’ll get your account upgraded so you can evaluate it.

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It’s possible to install Project Buddy in Outlook 2016 for desktop ? I can’t do it from the Office Store.

Hi Enric, it is possible to install on 2016. Could you send an email to support@reddiapps.com with a screen shot of any error message you are seeing and we can work to get it resolved?



Just send it. The problem It’s I didn’t find the installer and can’t install form Office Store.

Hi, I tried to add Project Buddy to my exchange account. But I keep getting error msg “exchange error”

Vasanth, would you mind emailing support@reddiapps.com with a screenshot of the error you are seeing? We can investigate further from there. Thanks!

I’d like to test out the product before buying. I added the integration to Outlook, but I’m confused on pricing. The text says $1/month, but then the cheapest option to select is $20/year. Also, do you have any non-profit discounts?