Outlook sync with Asana Projects and Tasks

Hi, is there any easy way to get my Asana project and tasks due dates synced up with my MS Outlook (O365)? I can do an export to calendar in Asana, then it appears as a separate calendar in Outlook, but i dont get reminders in outlook, nor do all my tasks and project dates update properly when i update them in Asana. Or is this an integration piece that isnt supposed to work fully?

Any help or advice would be appreciated

Hi @James_Zietsma,
You can install a full 2-Way Sync between Asana and Microsoft Outlook Calendar (Online) using zzBots.
This will sync both new and updated tasks or events between Asana and Outlook Calendar.

You can install this 2-Way Sync here: https://www.zzbots.com/store/vLv89yEax2tF6eCsp

The video below will walk you through the install:

I will give it a shot! Thanks very much!

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