How to sync Asana Project to Outlook calendar in real time


I tested the sync between Asana project and Outlook calendar. It works but sync is not in real-time. I tested to add one more task to a project sync with Outlook Calendar but there is not push to Outlook. I need to redo the sync if I want to get it updated.

Do you know how to proceed ? That is very interesting sync Asana tasks with Outlook Calendar so that I can book time doing the task in between other meeting I have (I use Outlook in my work organization).


Welcome to the Forum @cnait and thank you for reaching out! :wave:

Please note that when you first sync calendars, it is instantaneous but subsequent syncs may take up to a day.

You can learn more about it in the following guide article: Sync Asana + Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple | Product guide • Asana

Thank you, Natalia,

Is there any plan to increase sync timeline in near future ?


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Hello how are we still waiting on this sync issue to be updated but there’s been more focus on adding unneccesary reactions to comments and tasks?! Sure it would be prudent to prioritise one of the main points of the tool - actual project management which includes task deadlines.

I have waited longer than the day and alas…still no sync of tasks added after the project is first connected making it redundant.

Please share what to expect with synching - as in what syncs and what does not. For example, I updated the task name … and it’s been 32 hours and no update in Outlook seen.
Thank you!