Connecting Outlook calendar invites and Asana tasks

Hi There - I’d like to connect my outlook calendar with specific tasks inside an Asana project. I’m hoping to reduce the manual work of updating an Outlook calendar invite (due to changing schedules) and also updating the timing/due date of an Asana task. Is there some way to invite a specific Asana task to a meeting like it’s an attendee (as it already has a specific ID), and then if that meeting gets moved - to have it automatically update the date in Asana?

The challenge we’re having is the duplicative nature of the work, which means Asana gets outdated pretty quickly, and then isn’t a source that the team goes to for updated information.

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Basically you want a two-way sync between Asana and Outlook? I don’t believe that is possible, using those keywords might help you find other answers on the forum.

@ambforumleader any suggestion?

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I have searched high and low for an answer on this and unfortunately there is no workaround for this, at least what I have discovered

Thanks Bastien and Mike! Appreciate you taking the time to assess this one and a bugger that there isn’t a solve for it yet, esp with Outlook integrations.

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Hey Elisabeth,

Please check this live post already and make sure you upvote it because it is a feedback specific to real time calendar sync.

Real time, two ways Calendar integration

@Marie @Emily_Roman could you please check and if suitable merge the two?

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