Asana <> Outlook Calendar Integration (two way data push)

Use case: our team wants to have an Asana out of office, travel, and other important dates (ex: holidays, in-office days) in one view. I’ve set this up for the team, however we have an open question of whether it is possible to do the following:

  1. When adding a new task to the Asana calendar (ex: Team Member A - Out of Office from 9/1/23 - 9/15/23), is there a way to have this new task automatically added to the task creator’s Outlook calendar?
  2. If creating a new Event or Appointment in Outlook (ex: Team Member B - Out of Office from 9/15/23 - 9/25/23), is there a way to have this new Outlook item automatically (or manually from Outlook) synced/added to the Asana calendar?
    We do not want a full calendar sync between Outlook and Asana, we just want to minimize duplicative steps between the two systems.
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