Project task sync in Outlook calendar: completed tasks being taken off?


I love that you can sync projects to Outlook calendar. This is huge and one of the main benefits for integrating Asana with my team.

One of our primary needs is the ability to view the timeline and progress of various projects. However, I have noticed that having synced a project calendar to an Outlook calendar, not all tasks with due dates are listed. I found that “completed tasks don’t sync” to the calendar, but I didn’t realize that they’re actually taken off the calendar once completed.

I have another Outlook calendar that is synced to the same project calendar via another method (adding the calendar from the internet vs. using the iCal), and it does not have this issue. However, I cannot share this calendar with my team, only the one that is synced to Asana via iCal, so I’m in a bit of a bind. I’ll be pitching Asana to my team next week and hope I can get some help on this!

To summarize: Is there a way to stop completed tasks from being taken off a synced Outlook calendar once they’re checked off? My team would like to visualize the timeline and progress easily in Outlook since not everyone will need to interface directly with Asana.

Thanks so much!

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For this use case only can you not check the tasks and just move them to a “Done:” section at the end of the project maybe?